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What we do

Based in Berkshire, UKTMS is in the heart of Southeast England.  We manage every aspect of traffic management, providing a 'one stop shop', freeing you up to let you concentrate on your job.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our projects with our company ethos being delivering 'perfect projects' every time.

UKTMS - Who we are

UKTMS Provides a wide range of quality services 

Planned Works
Every aspect of the project from start to finish is handled by our experienced and highly capable team. We ensure the highest possible quality for all of our projects, so that you can focus on your work.

Event Management
High quality traffic management is crucial at events where the risk of harm to the public is highest.  UKTMS prides itself on not just the quality of the projects, but also the seamless administration process leading up to it.  This means that you can focus on your projects in the sure knowledge 

Site surveying and plans
We conduct thorough site surveys to allow for our projects to progress with no unexpected issues.  Combined with this, UKTMS provides in-depth CAD drawings of our plans using CONE software to ensure that the project is to an industry-leading level of quality.


Equipment Hire
UKTMS offers a comprehensive range of equipment to allow us to carry out all forms of low-speed traffic management.  This equipment can also by dry hired.

Management Team

Tim Smith

Tim Smith is the active managing director of UKTMS.  His main aim, in line with the whole team is to provide incredibly high quality projects and to reward those who go over and beyond with the concept of "perfect projects"

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Paul Masters

Paul Has been in the traffic management industry for 23 years, his vast array of experience combined with his close attention to detail when managing projects means that he can handle any traffic management project to extremely high standards and professionalism. Paul has worked on numerous projects with utility company's, local authority's as well as the private sector.  Paul has also been involved in consulting and planning for many prestige major events in the UK such as supporting Hollywood movies when they are filming in the UK. 

UKTMS is proven to ensure that each project is carried out to an industry leading level of quality; where the safety of not just the public but also the workforce is put first.

We don't stop at just ensuring safety, we aim to provide a 'one stop shop' for our customers so that they can focus on the job whilst leaving all aspects of traffic management to a team with over 15 years experience.

UKTMS can be trusted to follow through with it's promises as it's highly experienced and capable crew of TMO's and sales managers ensure a hassle and stress free project, whether that be through our careful and thorough pre examination of sites or how our team are passionate that your jobs can carry on no matter what challenges are presented.

Every Time. Regardless.

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